Plymouth Window Cleaning Cost | Pricing

5 factors that determine how much window cleaning costs in Plymouth

Window Count

The first thing a window cleaning is going to look at when they arrive to give you an estimate is the window count. The general rule of thumb in Plymouth is to charge $8.00 for each window (or $4 per pane). So to start off, if you walk around your house and take a count of how many windows you need cleaned and multiply it by $8.00 you will probably be within the ball park of what your estimate should cost you.

Residential or Commercial?

Window cleaning prices vary depending on whether these are the windows of your home, office, storefront, or other place of business. Generally both residential and commercial window cleaning will go by the standard $8.00, but there are exceptions. For example, windows on a storefront are often much cheaper than that since they can be cleaned a lot quicker and don’t require as much attention to detail as say the windows in your home. On the other hand, there is one type of window cleaning called post-construction window cleaning that will cost somewhat more than residential windows. The reason for this is that they require a lot more time to razor off things like paint spackle and include a thorough cleaning of not only the glass, but also the window frames, borders, and sills.

Window Types

The most common window types are called one-over-ones, which is a window with two sheets of glass in parts: a top and a bottom. These are almost always charged at $8.00 per window. Windows with one pane of glass are also charged the standard price. Storm windows are considered another set of windows and often get overlooked by the customer, but these will each count as another set of windows in the price because it double the time it takes to clean all panes of glass at each window. Stained glass windows and windows with 6 or more separate panes will always be charged somewhat more than the standard price as each pane needs to be cleaned individually increasing the time it takes.


Sometimes there are obstacles that can make getting to a window a very challenging task, and depending on the severity, these will raise the price for a particular window. Some examples might be that there is a objects blocking the window, such as a tree, or other times the building structure itself can make it very dangerous to set up a ladder at the window. The window may require some climbing, such as when cleaning a cupola on the roof. These all take more time and difficulty to accomplish and so will usually be charged somewhat more.

Deals & Discounts

Window Washer Pros is always looking for new customers in Plymouth, so it’s always a good idea to ask whether a deal or discount is available. Some examples might include first time customer discounts, seasonal discounts, multiple cleanings discounts, and referral discounts. Even if the company is not offering a discount explicitly on the website, there is still a good possibility that if you inquire (especially if you are willing to refer the company to friends) that we will more often than not be happy to oblige. So don’t be afraid to ask!